King of Lunches Spiritual Edition


The idea for writing a book on the Power Lunch – or power dining in general – came from my discovery that so many young professionals, millennials, minorities, and middle-aged professionals who’ve struggled for whatever reasons to make rank, tend to have two serious problems: the art of networking and people skills. Networking and people skills are by far two of the most important elements needed to get ahead in life, in business, in politics, and in any game you are playing requiring engagements and negotiations with other humans.

Then, as a further reality, I considered how if networking and people skills for these groups are lackluster, then when it comes to the Power Dining principles, they’ve literally got to be toast. Pun or no pun intended, whatever helps you to digest the gravity of this.

Power Lunch: more than a meal, but where all participating parties walk away from the table having together built or made significant, ascertainable progress towards something meaningful that did not exist before that lunch.