King of Lunches Corporate Edition


I have also written this book for the successful business person who can always learn something new to fine-tune his or her arsenal.¹  If you are a successful businessman, I want you to sharpen your already sharpened Power Dining utensils, but also take lasting note of the individuals who sit across from you during lunch, especially the one who invited you.

That individual is likely someone on his way to success and needs a leg up. A bit of advice. A one or two sentence thought that could and may likely usher him into his desired place. Do it for him, but do it especially if you see he’s doing his best to dance his best through the Power Lunch. At the very least, make a mentee out of one or two of those “beneath” you, with a view toward their someday passing it forward just like you did. It’s good stuff to help another.

The goal of this book is to help you discover your roads to success, however you define success. But let us be honest – success is generally defined in some manner or another by wealth – i.e., the accumulation of money. Therefore, this book is in your hands today to assist you on your journey to success. For, at some point or another you will have lunch or dinner with a certain someone (or dine in general with this certain person), and she will be the holder of the key to a significant portion of your success. The pragmatic goal of this book is its objective: for each citizen (you) to carry this book in your breast pocket or purse wherever you go – and whenever you take your future to lunch.

Power Lunch: more than a meal, but where all participating parties walk away from the table having together built or made significant, ascertainable progress towards something meaningful that did not exist before that lunch.