The Wright Method: Real World Bar Prep for Busy People


I would not be a good lawyer without a good disclaimer: I attended a fourth-tier law school, my grades were mediocre (at best), and my undergraduate grades were equally as bad. However, I learned that you do not need to attend “Oxford Law” or “Princeton Law” (fictitious for sake of avoiding defamation) and make good grades in order to pass the bar. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Hard work always wins, but smart work (i.e. the Wright Method) rarely fails.


With this said though, people of all walks of life pass and fail the bar all the time. My goal with this book is to eliminate the latter from your life.  Whether this is your first time taking the test or your eleventh, the Wright Method shows you a smarter way to study and pass your exam with confidence, affordably.


Before immediately delving into the substance of this book, I would like to take a few moments to provide you with my bar exam “success story”.  I would also like to tell you why my story is unique and why I strongly feel it necessary to share with you.  It is my hope that you avoid my missteps, capitalize on my positive happenstances, and thrive from whatever inspiration with which you learn through the Wright Method on your way towards bar passage.

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